Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter Three

"Did you get it?"
"No, It's still stuck in the trunk of the tree."
"Come on, hurry up or well get caught."
"Help me out here! Pull! Pull!."

I just landed on this plane. The trees and shrubs almost drowning out the conversation ahead of me. But I can still overhear them.

"Come on, I don't have all day to wait for you. Get it done, now."

The third person speaking with an authoritative voice caught my attention. It sounds so compelling. Now I am curious to know who this guy is. Almost upon them, I slowed down and phased into invincibility.

The medieval scene before me was a revelation. They are pulling out an egg inside a tree. From this distance, I could see its a Dragon Egg.

The Queen called me in for a favor. She wanted to stop the massacre of dragons in her beloved kingdom. Now, I have to decide whether these guys are serving the queen or they are the bandits that have been stealing all the dragon eggs in the kingdom. Deciding that I should rescue the egg. I whispered...


At once the scene is frozen. The handsome stranger was frozen into stillness, the same with his two minions. Getting the egg out of the tree was a simple as snapping my fingers. The egg, the size of a soccer ball was a Legendary Egg. I recognize it as such because of its color. The design is unique and one of a kind in any plane of existence.

As soon as the egg was out of the tree, I knew it's ready to be hatched. Seconds later, I willed myself into the Queen's courtyard. I know she has a special place for dragons.

"Welcome Nora, we have been expecting you."

The Queen is the most breathtaking of them all. You will never mistake her for anything else.

"Queen Christine, thank you, I am honored you asked for me."

I explained to her everything about how I got the egg. And minutes after, I can see the Legendary Dragon emerging from the hatchery. Giving us a bow, it flew above the skies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chapter Two

Waking up to a new surroundings I was startled to realize I am inside the most beautiful room I have ever been in. The kind of room I've seen only in my dreams. This room is even more beautiful than the one featured in many fashion magazines. 

Lying on the bed with clothes on, I let my eyes feast on the opulent luxury. Feeling so good for the first time in my life I felt I could scale mountains and fly above the skies. I settled myself into jumping into my feet landing in front of the mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fairest of us all?"

The mirror did not answer my whispered question but the woman staring back at me was a complete stranger.

I know it is my reflection I see in the mirror. It mimics everything I do. Including my tongue sticking out and making faces. Then suddenly, like a movie marathon, all of my memories came flashing back. With it, the numbing of emotions, my back just became straighter, my face becoming more fierce. 

I suddenly understood everything. Why I am here. What I need to accomplish. I have the most extraordinary power. The power to change the past, go to the future and if needed be change my beginnings. I know what I am capable of. 

"I have to go back."

To be continued...

Chapter One

Nora is walking away from her life. Whatever memories she has is slowly fading away. But for now, all her emotions are so painful she needed to break free. Even if it meant sacrificing everything she holds dear to her heart.

"I'm sorry. I have to go now. Don't look for me." 

I tried to hold on to my feelings but my tears were welling up and I did not realize that its already falling unchecked on my face. With voice and body shaking from exhaustion, I cut short my call to Peter. Turning the phone off so that he cannot call me back, I slowly moved around and prepared to go away for good. 

Peter is... was my best friend from high school. When I lost my parents he was the only one left, my closest and dearest friend that I can share my life with. I loved him with all my heart but I have to let him go. I am becoming a liability to him, a threat that I cannot control.

To be continued...