Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chapter 4. New Beginnings


The sound of the persistent ringing in my ears woke me up. I did not feel like waking up.

But memories of my vivid dreams pushed me into sitting up. What really happened?

"Ahhhh! I am going crazy!"

I shouted out loud and it could have woken up the whole neighborhood if I had one. And suddenly I realized all those things that seems like a reality was nothing but a dream.

But what woke me up? I scrambled into standing and immediately try to find what made me lose precious moments of sleep. I could have finished the story if not for my dog.

Bailey the dog was trashing my living room.

"Bailey! Heel! Stop this nonesense."

Then I realized what the dog was nothing compared to what I have done. Slowly but surely I realized why my life  has been on hold. It just seemed like I lost years living in what seemed but a dream. And I should be stopping the nonsense that I am doing now and move on to a better chapter in my life.

And what seemed like eternity, I returned Bailey to its other owner. My bestfriend and I co owned the dog. Conveniently he owns a pet store, so even if I do not have the time to explain  to him why I am returning our dog-  even if its my turn taking care of him. I just dropped the dog and returned immediately at my flat.

Like a whirlwind I cleaned everything up and packed my bag. I am #OFFTOSOMEWHERE. I still have to change my ways of running away when I don't know what to do. But I guess this counts as an emergency.


Booking an online flight was easy. Waiting for the plane to arrive was another matter. Pulling out my phone out I immediately scanned what I can do going to Hong Kong.

"Hmm.. adventures will immediately get boring if you don't know..."

Not even finished talking to myself, I heared a voice asking me:

"Ms, is the chair next to you available?"

"Sure, it's free."

Looking into a pair of dark brown eyes and smiling lips, the tall and handsome guy walked up to me and sat beside me.

"Hi! I'm Adam. And you are?..."

"I'm Nora... "

The world went into a standstill. Giving him my hand and shaking his hands seem like a dream. Like flashes of memories flashing right before my eyes, it seemed like we had past lives interwoven with each other.

Talking to each other was like to talking with my bestfriend. It did not seem like we just met. I could feel he feels the same. We could not stop staring into each others eyes.

To be continued...